Government’s new social value measures

Clearly Covid-19 has (and continues to) put a significant strain on the UK’s economy, with the lockdowns causing mass job losses and business closures. The government (which spends around £873bn each year on public services) has brought into place new social value procurement measures to minimise these implications as well as promote new jobs and […]

G-Cloud 12 Announcement

Recently we stepped into our customers’ shoes and applied for three services on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS’s) G-Cloud 12 Framework. The application process gave us a taste of our own medicine as we applied the same level of challenge and rigour to our written submission as we would to our customers’ tender responses, going […]

Best Practice – Producing a bid during lockdown

Of the 32.95 million in employment in the UK, over 50% were working from home at the height of lockdown. That’s just under 17 million workers who converted their homes into offices and adapted to the challenges that come from a totally new out-of-office experience. Developing a high-scoring and compelling bid can be a challenge […]

Bid Writing – Common mistakes and how to avoid them

It’s easy to write something, but difficult to write something interesting and impactful. It’s the same with writing bids, it’s easy to put words onto a screen, but difficult to make them easy to read, compelling and high scoring. Over the years we’ve seen the same mistakes again and again – and sometimes all at […]

Bid Writing – Exceeding Requirements

As part of the tender evaluation process, criteria are usually established to objectively assess each organisation’s submission, with evaluators scoring an organisation’s ability to provide a solution or service that meets their requirements against these criteria. Frequently, to score top marks you are explicitly asked to demonstrate how you will go above and beyond the […]

Best Practice – Virtual Red Team Reviews

As part of our robust bid management process, Impart undertakes a Red Team Review (RTR) at the end of the bid writing-review cycle, prior to submission. Under normal circumstances, it’s best practice to attend a RTR in person as getting everyone in a room together encourages discussion and participation from the whole team, and eliminates […]

Business Development – Supporting Leeds City Council (LCC)

As a Leeds-based company we are always delighted to support local organisations and have been working with LCC for a number of years. As a proactive and innovative Council, LCC is always working on ways to improve the lives of the region’s residents, whether it be through Internet of Things connectivity or the development of […]

A Day in the Life – Joining Impart in Lockdown

Having moved to Leeds from London a matter of days before lockdown, my first few weeks have been a little unusual – it certainly wasn’t the ideal situation in which to start my new role as a Bid Consultant at Impart. My experience of starting a new job in a new city has been very […]

Business Development – Proactive Bid Work

During the coronavirus “lockdown” many bid functions are finding themselves with less work – deadlines have been extended, tenders postponed and some even cancelled altogether. We believe this time could be fully utilised to deliver significant business benefit and provide real competitive advantage, whether it’s through creating a bid library, reviewing and honing existing content […]